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Spain Buyers' Guide

Whether you're interested in the Greek and Cypriot buy-to-let markets, purchasing a second home, or buying a property for investment, retirement, holiday or relocation purposes, you'll find our buyer's guide is brimming with all the information you need including:

  • Essential information on the Greek property market
  • A step-by-step guide to buying in Cyprus
  • Practical information on living and working in Greece
  • Detailed property guides for each area of Greece, including:
    • Northern & Central Mainland
    • Crete
    • Ionian Islands
    • Argo-Saronic Islands
    • Aegean Islands
  • A real life story of renting out a villa in Crete
  • A full breakdown of the average house sale prices
  • Your complete guide to average apartment prices
  • A lettings price matrix to show where you can maximise returns

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Why Greece?

Why are British buyers queuing up to own homes in Greece? There are a whole host of reasons why this amazing country is attracting such attention

GREECE AND THE GREEK ISLANDS offer the most continuous horizons of beauty in the world. The landscapes are exquisite. Each island and mainland region conveys its own particular magic – classical, romantic, hedonistic or mystical – while the capital, Athens, sparkles from its multi-million-euro Olympic Games face-lift. Graced with distinguished film and literary festivals, classical and traditional music celebrations, fine wine and restaurants, Greece is now recognised as a country of quality, its outdated 'package-tour' image discarded.

If you long for a home in Greece, then that dream is more achievable today than ever before. The Greek islands and mainland are still undervalued as a second-home destination. Choose from glamorous Athens mansions, atmospheric monastery ruins or simple white-washed island cottages.

It's no wonder that finding second homes for Britons has become a new industry in Greece, with agents catering for buyers wanting stylish new developments or traditional village homes. Pretty good English is spoken in most places, making it easier to house hunt.

Prices are far below those of Spain and Cyprus, there are strict building controls and you have the unbeatable combination of cheap property, excellent weather, a low cost of living, friendly locals and virtually no crime. The crime rate's so low that there isn't even a crime novel genre in the country – but hang on to your passport in Athens!

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